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A SEAL Wolf Christmas (2013)

by Terry Spear(Favorite Author)
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140228408X (ISBN13: 9781402284083)
Sourcebooks Casablanca
Heart of the Wolf
review 1: I had quite a few problems with this book. First of all, it was not particularly easy to jump right into this series midway through, as the characters were not well-introduced to new readers. More seriously, the writing style was confusing and frustrating to me as a reader. The POV was third person limited, meaning that all the characters were referred to as "he" or "she" but you only got one character's perspective. That's fine, but the character whose perspective you got changed from paragraph to paragraph! That made it really confusing to follow (especially during the steamier scenes). If you got past the writing, the plot was actually pretty decent. I wanted to know how it ended and I wanted them to solve the mysteries. It was a pretty typical mystery, but I enjoyed it... more.My biggest problem was with the characters. Bjornolf was a typical alpha male who over-sexualized Anna, an awesome she-wolf (as they called her throughout the novel). Anna could clearly take care of herself and was a trained warrior, but EVERYONE in the novel (all of whom were men, basically) tried to coddle and protect her. I found it sexist and demeaning, and I really disliked that she put up with it. Additionally, both she and Bjornolf dramatically changed from being guarded, distant assassin types to being gooey, in-love partners in the course of a couple of chapters, which seemed like MUCH too rapid for realistic character development.All in all, I read this book for the plot and with a desperate hope that Anna would stand up to the misogynistic men in her life (she didn't).
review 2: Terry Spear once again returns readers to the world of her Heart of the Wolf series with a Christmas treat, A SEAL Wolf Christmas. Spear's attention to detail and her remarkable research into pack dynamics and behaviors has made this a must read series for fans of paranormal romance. Her latest offering has mystery and danger, as well as, a good dose of the Christmas spirit. Spear's talent for writing compelling characters, with unrealistic abilities is exceptional. This author writes about the impossible and makes you believe every word!The Heart of the Wolf series was one of the very first paranormal stories I read, when I decided to give the genre a go. I wasn't sure if I'd like it, if I would find it over-the-top or just too far fetched. I am so very glad that I chose this series to start with, because I think it made all the difference. Had I started with a series that was not as well written or researched, I may have given up on it all together and I very happy I did not. This series is written with such a great amount of authenticity. Terry Spear has done extensive research and it comes through on every page. Her shapeshifting werewolves act like real wolves, they are territorial and acquiesce to the alpha, they react like real wolves and they effect is mesmerizing. Readers who are looking for a werewolf series that has balance and sizzle, need look no further, the Heart of the Wolf series has it all. A SEAL Wolf Christmas may be the twelfth book in the series, but it doesn't look like Spear will be done telling her stories about this big extended wolf family any time soon!The hero in A SEAL Wolf Christmas is Bjornolf Jorgenson, has all of the qualities that women look for a in a good hero. He is strong and courageous. His job as a Navy SEAL is one of the most difficult jobs imaginable. He is sexy and sweet and the kind of man any of us would love to read about. Spear does an excellent job of showing Bjornolf as a man, with wants and dreams like anyone else, but also as a soldier, who believes in loyalty and justice. He certainly ranks right up there with one of my favorites in the series, Leidolf Wildhaven. They are very different characters but still have underlying aura of command and safety about them.Anna Johnson, the heroine was slightly harder for me to connect with. She is one tough customer. An undercover operative, dangerous, yet vulnerable. I liked the fact that Spear lets Anna explore that vulnerability with Bjornolf, without taking away from her rough exterior and attitude. After I got used to her manner and way she held herself in the book, I really started to like her. She stands up for what she believes and expects others to, as well. That's a very attractive quality. But let me tell ya, it takes a strong man! Bjornolf was certainly up to the task and the romance between them was both beautiful and hot.The love scenes sizzle in this one to be sure. Spear may know a thing or two about writing about wolves, but she also knows how to create an atmosphere. Not only is Christmastime the setting for the story, but it also creates a lot of tender moments. It has a hand in the mystery, because of a connection to a Christmas tree farm and the times spent with friends and family with lots of Christmas cheer are heartfelt and fun to read. Christmas just permeates the book, which in my humble opinion, makes the story even better. I can certainly get into the idea of a few stolen moments by the light of the Christmas tree! Oh my!Bottom Line: Don't miss this great addition to a fantastic series. Add some Christmas cheer to your own life with this wonderful Christmas novel! less
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I liked it. It was a fun and fast read.
Bjornolf and Anna's Story.
I like all of her books.
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