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The Tale Of The Vampire Bride (2009)

by Rhiannon Frater(Favorite Author)
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1449560822 (ISBN13: 9781449560829)
Rhiannon Frater
The Vampire Bride Dark Rebirth Trilogy
review 1: Meh....it was a struggle to finish this one. This is a story told in journal format. For me it did not work as the protagonist's writing and language did not fit the time period. Had the book just been in first person this would have been less of an issue as you don't expect people to think in proper English(or at least you can over look it easier). Since this woman was a daughter of English aristocrat in the early 1800s her voice/narrative/writing should have reflected it. If you manage to get past the language/writing style the story was not great. Also who would write in their journal that they stomped their foot at someone in frustration/anger whatever. Every other page had this woman stomping her foot at someone like a spoiled child not this amazing strong woma... moren she was supposed to be. Another thing was that Vlad spent the entire book being a murderer, wife beater and rapist but by the end we are supposed to feel sorry and or understand him based on a brief flashback. There was also insta-love with another character with no real story there.
review 2: I will admit that when I first started this book, I was not sure I would be able to finish it. The writing is very descriptive and the book is darkly violent. The violence against women in the first half of the book made me uncomfortable. As I continued to read, I found myself drawn into the story. While most Dracula stories fall flat, this one did not. Dracula's character was complex as was his relationship with Glynis. I highly recommend this for those looking for a good gothic horror. less
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Another fantastic series by Rhiannon Frater! She is one of my absolute favorite authors ever!!!
Could not complete. Slow paced.
3.5 stars
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