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Her Sweetest Downfall (2012)

by Rebecca Hamilton(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 5
Immortal Ink Publishing
review 1: Her Sweetest Downfall, by Rebecca Hamilton, is a novella set in the world of The Forever Girl series. Although it’s a complete standalone story in itself, it also provides some back story to the first novel in that series. Yet there is no need to ‘ave read “The Forever Girl” to enjoy this (although if ye haven’t read it, ye really should). It’s the story of Ophelia, and ‘ow she went from her life as a servant girl to positioning ‘erself to fulfill an important mission in a powerful organization. A little romance, and a nearly heartbreaking complication drive this story forward magnificently. Highly recommend to anyone for a quick and entertaining read. It’s a must read for those that ‘ave read “The Forever Girl.”
review 2: This novel
... morela is a nice addition to the first novel in the Forever Girl series. It fills in some history and mythology while also providing an interesting and entertaining story unto itself. Rebecca Hamilton has a flair for creating a tale that grabs the reader and keeps their interest from start to finish.If I had to pick something that I didn't particularly care for in this story, I'd have to say that the romance element was a bit much for my taste at times, but only a bit. Of course, since I'm not exactly in the target audience for this series (or the genre for that matter) and I still rather enjoyed the story and writing style, I'd consider that a very minor quibble indeed.I would recommend this to any fans of paranormal fantasy or those who would like to give the genre or this author s first try. I think that this novella would stand up fairly well on its own without giving too much of the first one away if the reader so chose to go that route. less
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This book was amazing.I'm sad it was so short.Now I need to go back and re-read Forever Girl again.
Great short story that gives a new light to The forever girl. Very well done Rebecca Hamilton!!!
Awesome writing! I immediately downloaded The Forever Girl after reading the novella.
My review will be posted on my blogs, and at Pure Textuality, on March 16.
"Sweetest Authors" vomit, vomit, vomit.
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