Stargarbage, The Furies, & The Von Howlers Drained the Tap and Left Us Wanting More

This article is fairly belated as we here at L.S.D have been extremely busy not only attending five or so shows a week, but putting on our own. This one, though, is one I had to go back and touch on. It was our third event we’ve ever sponsored and it was a blast.

The night seemingly started off slow and picked up throughout the night. The Von Howlers, (who won’t be pictured here due to my phone’s inability to take pictures while raging and my brains inability to remember I’m there to do more than dance)  put on an excellent performance that blended slightly surf and garage sounds with blues as their backdrop and punk as their backbone to create an offspring that is matched by none. A Danzig vibe at times from the lead Vocalist, Joshua Boyd, and a Bo Diddly 50’s 60’s inspired guitarist, Sammy Butcher-Doty who knows his way around the fretboard like a good taxi cab driver knows direction. Their excellent drummer, Dan Hargadine, and bassist, Eddie Paraza-Garzon, pair well and keep the rhythm rolling letting the band run wild and free. The vocalist oozes his inhabitions with each lyrical line he lures you in to merely want more and more. These gents can rock and I wasn’t even rolling. Be sure to check out their new EP “Burgundy Surf“.

The Furies I’d only had the pleasure of seeing once before this show and was not disappointed one bit. They have an interesting psychedelic indie garage punk mix that bursts with pure energy and passion at times with soothing riffs and rhythms otherwise. An incredible lead vocalist & rhythm guitarist, Matt, who has a surefire shredder on lead guitar, Victor, who even pounced off stage at one point to return only this time playing his guitar above his head and behind his back. It was a sight to see and a sheer outburst of talent that pulled at the crowds heartstrings. A solid garage/punk drummer, Joe, who teams well with their bassist, Russ, also comes in at times with ambient backup vocals, as does Victor. These guys can play and they’re studio work is incredible and a tad more refined. Check them out on Bandcamp, as well as the other two, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Our headliner for the night was none other than Stargarbage who is a favorite of mine and for good reason. This is a team full of talent. Almost everyone can and will play different instruments. Rusty, the drummer, at times is their guitarist and vocalist as well. Summoning their normal guitarist and vocalist, Austin, back on drums where both can slay away just about any tune put in front of them. Psychedelic but edgy, bluesy but garage in nature with hints of experimental stoner rock and punk. No wonder they refer to themselves as “metamorphic rock”. They blend so many genres together its a miracle that it can work, and boy does it work. The other guitarist, Samson, who also plays the keys at times, brings it all together with tickling riffs alongside Jerry’s spectacular bass lines that revel in 60’s and 70’s nostalgia.

This was our usual psychedelic garage punk show and it sure was every bit of that. At one point our sound board started looping a sample track that was played earlier in the night and Rusty from Stargarbage laughingly said, “now it’s starting to sound like a bar in here” and they played right through it like champs. We were happy to see some new and familiar faces amongst the crowd and happier to know this was merely the beginning of something magnificent. Hope to see you at our next show Jan 13th @ Growler’s Taproom for another psych garage punk event that will blow you away.

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