Food Review: The Smeltery, MIMA

I’ve written a post about MIMA in the past, but in case you don’t know, MIMA is the Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art and is home to art installations, sculptures, paintings and other forms of art. The gallery is completely free to enjoy is a great way to spend an afternoon in Middlesbrough. I recently hosted a talk in Middlesbrough Town Hall and stopped by MIMA’s café, the Smeltery, beforehand.

This café is such a hidden gem desire being located right in the centre of Middlesbrough. There’s a range of artisan sandwiches on freshly baked bread, as well as an amazing array of baked treats – some are even vegan! The vegan brownies looked incredible and I definitely want to try this on my next trip.

Hot options such as vegetable soups are also available and are served with a huge wedge of that fresh bread.

I went for the sweet potato and beetroot quiche, which was served with three side salads; a Waldorf salad with apple, walnuts and feta cheese, a kale salad, and a roasted vegetable medley which included peppers, sweet potato and squash. I paid around seven pounds for this, which is a little more than I would spend on a lunch usually. However the quiche was absolutely delicious, as were the salads, and I was definitely full afterwards.

The view outside is so beautiful as you can take in the green space, as well as the Town Hall and the famous bottle.

While I was eating, I noticed that volunteers had set up a station of food. One pot rice meals were offered for free to anybody who would like them, and was set up as a regular community event inviting those who may be lonely or in need of a friend to come along to enjoy some food and conversation. I thought this was such a lovely idea.

The Smeltery is definitely a higher class experience for lunch and is the perfect midweek treat to keep you going through an important meeting, or in my case talk. The fresh and healthy ingredients and meals are unique and a welcome addition to Middlesbrough and I’ll be returning sooner rather than later.

Have you tried the Smeltery yet?

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