Curse of the Blackwing Update 1

I have been working on a module for Star Wars Edge of the Empire role playing game by Fantasy Flight Games called Curse of the Blackwing for the past few months.  The project is based on a game I ran a few years ago based loosely on the events in the Star Wars Legends book Death Troopers by Joe Schreiber.  Death Troopers is a fun book about zombies in the Star Wars Extended Universe.

I love zombies, and I have been watching various takes on zombies from George A Romero movies to my personal favorite movie, Shaun of the Dead.  Death Troopers does not do anything unusual with the zombie genre.  The book is gritty and has a typical ending similar in which only a handful of characters survive.  I love that Death Troopers combines two of my favorite things zombies with Star Wars.  When I read the book I immediately thought of running it in an RPG game.  I did come up with a story that takes place after the events of the book.  I don’t use any of the plot from the book, and I have come up with story that takes place many years after the book.

I have started with writing up the module story line first before tackling the fluff pages and the layout.  I figure the hardest thing is going to be getting the whole story line written out, and I know that if I try to work on the fluff I will get side tracked and lose focus.  I have broken up the story into three chapters with a couple of scenes in each chapter.  I find it hard not to dictate the exact method of story telling to the reader.  I know that any RPG group is going to have their own adventure which may veer far from what I come up with.  I am hoping to get enough written up for a play test of the story line in October.  I am not planning on being done with the story, but I want to have enough to run a one shot for Halloween.  If you live in the Denver area you can join me by RSVP here.



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