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Looking for Alaska by John Green

The story was very matter-of-fact in its presentation. It’s obviously about a boy and his journey to find something exciting in life, but the situations could be seen in the real world. I actually forgot that Alaska dies in this book, (which makes me wonder how much of it I really remember). One thing that did come back to me was a feeling. The feeling of things falling apart. As a high schooler, the first time I read this, I also wanted my ‘Great Perhaps’. But reading it now as an adult, I more readily see the eventual demise of everything.

I liked Alaska’s impulsive nature – sometimes. It was something I wish I had more of; the ability to just do. Other times I wish she’d learn to balance that impulsiveness with more care for the people around her. But the group’s overall loyalty…perfect. The Colonel, though a hot-headed character, had his head on straighter than most others and was able to keep everyone in check in some ways. What I didn’t like, other than Alaska’s impulse, was Pudge’s (our main character) behaviour after her death. He became annoying in some instances as his feelings always needed to be the priority. It is understandable though when you’ve spent your previous life alone in a crowd and now have actual friends that you’re still not sure how to relate to. It was never too much to handle, but when his friends did chip in, you could feel for them as well.

Overall, a great story. I enjoyed it now as much as I enjoyed it then.

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