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Medium, Sweet, Extra Shot Of Geek (2013)

by R. Cooper(Favorite Author)
3.52 of 5 Votes: 2
1627981640 (ISBN13: 9781627981644)
Dreamspinner Press
review 1: synopsis:tavio has just gotten out of the army and he works in a coffee shop. tommy has been coming in every day that tavio is there, and he talks to tavio and the other people waiting in line. tavio has learned a lot about tommy, and thought that he knew everything, except for the fact that tommy shows up one day with a daughter. when tommy, a self-avowed geek, asks tavio to come and see his daughter's baseball game and tavio agrees, the important steps have been taken.what i liked: the premise.what i didn't like: the characters seemed to be really poorly written, and the story was really dry.
review 2: My biggest complaint about this story is that it wasn't a full length novel, or at least a longer novella. The story itself was sweet, but there is so much mo
... morere I would have liked to have learned. More about Tavio, where do they go from here. More of what happened between Tavio and Tommy besides what was overheard at the coffee shop...There was a lot of material here that could have been expounded upon. So as much as I enjoyed the story, I was still left wanting. Tavio intrigued me. Tommy interested me. This story had a different feel than most MM stories. It wasn't flippant, but had its humorous moments. There was more to tell, and I would love to read it if the author ever decides to write it. less
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This was cute. Wish it had been longer, there was alot of potential, but too short. Still enjoyable.
Not my cuppa coffee.I was bored. I didn't connect with the MCs. I didn't see the point.
short, cute with likable characters
Great book!
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