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India: A Portrait (2010)

by Patrick French(Favorite Author)
3.67 of 5 Votes: 3
0307272435 (ISBN13: 9780307272430)
review 1: Out of the many Socio/Economic/Historical writings on India that I have read, this books quite clearly stands out as one of the most brilliant. French's curious yet neutral analysis of India is categorized into three section Political/Economic/Social. But it isnt very distinctly separated, with quite a lot of overlapping. Its written quite lucidly including occasional jokes(Funniest was the reference to Lal Krishna Advani's RSS feed). Quite a fun read.
review 2: I enjoyed the book. After having lived in India between 2005 and 2009 this was an interesting reminder of the wonders (good and bad) of a country which I like so much - both a reminder and an update. The book has a structure (politics - economy - society) imposed on it but within that structure it is a
... morefairly loose collection of what are more like magazine articles than a coherent book. However, it's still a good read overall. less
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A very useful insight into the recent history of India which came to life during my visit.
if you want to know more India's development s and loop holes as well go through it
A very good book on India. It is deep, yet simple.
Solid overview of contemporary history of India.
Informative well written prose.
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