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It Started With A Kiss (2011)

by Miranda Dickinson(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 5
1847561675 (ISBN13: 9781847561671)
review 1: My first Miranda Dickinson's book, and it didn't disappoint me. Basically I'm rooting on her writing style. It's just seemingly effortless, seamless, flows like waters on rivers :D (my language).. and the book sets in Birmingham, I've never been there (I mean I've never read a book sets there before :D), so it's big refreshment for me. The city is as beautiful as the story as Miranda draws it.. I've seen it on Google Map too, to help me picturing it.. It certainly tells about a modern happy ever after-fairy tale, in a sensible and relatable way. I'm not the-follow your heart-person like what Romily did along the book, but I can't help to root for Romily, hoping that she will find the phantom kisser she's been searching for a whole year. The book as I guess is predictable b... moreut it didn't lessen the joy of it. I feel so engrossed with it every time I devour it. Feeling as happy, sad, angry, and upset as Romily did.. really this book wrench my heart a lot..*in the good way.. Awesome book..!
review 2: I hate adding books to my 'couldn't finish' shelf but I had to abandon this one. I love light and fluffy 'chick lit' reads but it's one of those things that only works if it's done well, and this really wasn't. When I first read about the plot I thought it would be charming and cute but it really wasn't and it had me rolling my eyes as it flitted between the hastily introduced Charlie and the mystery man. The characters felt so one dimensional and cliched - the writing really let them down. A disappointment less
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Fairly dull, repetitive story, though it did perk up a bit at the end.
What a fun read, I really enjoyed it.
great easy read, really loved it
Easy feel good read.
waste of time
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