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Just Friends With Benefits (2013)

by Meredith Schorr(Favorite Author)
3.67 of 5 Votes: 5
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review 1: I liked this book. I have been in bed sick most of the day, and whizzed through this book in a matter of hours. I didn't predict the ending right from the start, which I usually do with books in this genre. The characters are all believable, and I think the thing that most stood out for me was the main character's 'voice' and the dialogue. It felt real, like someone was telling me the story, and like people would actually say. As a chick lit writer myself, I often have trouble writing dialogue I think sounds convincing!All-in-all, a nice read for the beach, or a cozy day in bed. With a two year old, I don't get much downtime on a Sunday, and I think it was worth being sick to have time to read this book today! :)
review 2: 2.5 starsI think I'm not the target au
... moredience for this book, which was fairly well-written and engrossing despite featuring some of the shallowest, most boring characters I've ever spent time with. I just could not stand these people. At one point the pregnant woman talks about how boring it is to be around drunk people when you can't drink, and that's kind of how I felt through this entire book. less
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really loved this book ... fun read definitely captures single girl in the city life.
3.5 funny, easy read. Loved the 70-80's pop culture references.
Easy chick lit read. Got it for free on my Kindle.
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