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Wild Card (2013)

by Mark Henwick(Favorite Author)
4.25 of 5 Votes: 5
Bite Back
review 1: I love love love this series. The female lead character, contrary to her soft feminine name, Amber, is kick butt tough, and savvy. An ex-military soldier, she's now a PI, and a whole lot more. This is one of my favorite series, but I caution readers to read the books in order; and it doesn't hurt to skim back if there is too large a gap between reading books. Henwick doesn't waste time going back and reiterating past books and storylines, each book picks up from the last. With the exception of Amber letting new people know some of the realities of this UF world, the reader isn't given a lot of information if it's been explained in previous novels. This is a long read, about 500 pages, and I read it in two days- it was a hard book to walk away from (but I did remember to fe... moreed the dog, and make coffee). Excellent continuation of an excellent series!
review 2: I really love the story and the characters. The book is a little complicated in reading at times with all the information that goes into the story but it is needed. I was just happy that I figured out who the rogue was before I was half way through the book. I hope there will still be more Amber Farrell books. I would really like to see how the Adept side of Amber is worked out with Tullah. Thanks again Mark for a great read. less
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I really enjoyed this series, Its very fast paced with great characters.
Lots of adventure, thrills, and heartbreak.
Continues to be a very good series.
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