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Love & Misadventure (2013)

by Lang Leav(Favorite Author)
3.37 of 5 Votes: 30
0473235501 (ISBN13: 9780473235505)
Lang Leav
review 1: I didn't actually plan to read this tonight, but as I was opening all my ebooks, I saw that it was only 89 pages (ebook pages differ from book pages). I proceeded and saw that it was poetry. Then I continued and continued until I can't stop because I was really enjoying it! I didn't even think I could appreciate poetry until this. Well, I never really tried actually. But this was really entertaining, and there were a lot of poems that I can relate to and find amusing that I even took snapshots just to preserve those. Thank you for this wonderful collection.
review 2: I received this book from my sister as a Christmas present. I had wanted to read this book since coming upon various excerpts of it online. I have to say, Lang Leav has this creative specialty that
... more allows the reader to relate to each one of her poems in a deep and personal level, especially with those in the mishaps of a lost relationship or those in between the brightest passions of being in love. I readily enjoyed this book, with its various poems that so perfectly exemplify the deepest of human emotions that so many cannot fathom into words. less
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this book of poems was a breath of fresh air. Absolutely loved it
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