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Vittorio's Mistress (2000)

by Kimberley Reeves(Favorite Author)
3.67 of 5 Votes: 2
Vittorio Series
review 1: I would have felt a whole lot different about this book had the heroine told the H about their child.. and I actually like the secret baby plot.. But this chick was with the H for a WHOLE MONTH, sleeping with him for a WHOLE MONTH and still didnt tell him they had a child.. And she probably wouldnt have either, had he not followed her. She would have HID her child for another month.. = stupid. And he (H) was an idiot for not knowing.. He had been in her house but failed to see all the evidence of a child (detailed description in book so it should have been obvious.. It was just alright. thank goodness it was free.
review 2: Easy-peasy afternoon read that one could choose instead of the Young and the Restless. It had all the elements of a soap opera. The love,
... morethe passion, the cheesy lines, the Italian stallion, the damsel in distress, the misunderstanding, the child that was kept secret. Even the family that was disapproving of said damsel.Nothing new to add to contemporary harlequins, the writing was simple and the characters predictable. What I fancied in this novel, was that in contrary to others, one gets to see what happens the day after. You know, every romance follow the principle of ending one way or another after the big declarations of love. Or the accepted marriage proposal. The credits fall and maybe the author indulges our curiosity of what happens next in the couple's life, with an epilogue. Well, not this one. Vittorio's Mistress continued on, after the secrets were revealed. On to said accepted marriage proposal. On to the meeting with the big family. On to the wedding. On to the epilogue and the life much after. I was always curious what happened to couples the day after, and this was -in a way- refreshingly pleasant to witness their lives. Someone might find it tiring and complain about too many endings, but in my POV, I found it adorable. What can I say, maybe I 'm a hopeless romantic but never knew... Sometimes, a change from the general rule is what makes a difference in a novel. less
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I did not enjoy this book as much as I thought I would. Disappointing.
Sweet book. Nice love story.
Easy read.
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