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Simply Sinful (2008)

by Kate Pearce(Favorite Author)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 4
0758223552 (ISBN13: 9780758223555)
House Of Pleasure
review 1: Truely this is the 2nd part and connects to book #1. I bought #1 and #2 in the US as paperbacks, all the others so far I read on my kindle. Sometimes it's so nice to have a good old paperback in your hand. ;) It's the story of Peter Howard who was the second slave and best friend of Valentin. Both have been in the same brothel, been on the same ship before they were sold. But Peter is darker in his tastes because he likes men a lot, sexually. But it's not that easy because he loved to be the 3rd wheel in the Val-Sara-triangle. Now that Sara is pregnant Val tells him that he doesnt want him anymore in his bed. Peter takes it personally. But at the House of Pleasure he meets a man, James Beecham, who asks him to help him rebuilt the relationship to his wife, the sexual relat... moreionship. His wife Abigail is tired and sick of her sexless marriage and reads about carnal pleasures. She wants that too. She was forced to marry young and her husband isn't able to satisfy her, so she is ready to find somebody who will. James knows that he needs a heir but he isnt able to satisfy Abigail that's why he hopes that Peter may help them. James longs for men. He more or less asks Peter to help them to get pregnant. Everything starts quite simple ... I liked this menage a trois because it was so differnet and you could, very well, see that there were more and more feelings involved very quickly.
review 2: Escravos da Paixão é mais um livro erótico, lançado numa altura em que este tipo de leitura tem vindo a tornar-se "moda". Comecei este livro sem saber que era já o segundo volume da série Casa do Prazer. Com uma sinopse bastante sugestiva e com grande cariz sensual, estava longe de esperar que, para além do cariz erótico e sensual, estava também reservado grandes descrições a chegar quase ao pornográfico. Confesso que não me agradou, porque além de todo o conteúdo sexual não havia grande história a explorar nas três personagens principais. Está escrito de uma forma bastante clara, com um fácil seguimento e contendo descrições bem explícitas de tudo o que acontece. Resumindo, li mas não me cativou. less
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Peter stole my heart in this one...but the ending was a bit anti-climatic.
Alot of graphic sex but also a good story line.
Love this series.
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