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The Manhattan Projects, Vol. 2: They Rule (2013)

by Jonathan Hickman(Favorite Author)
4.05 of 5 Votes: 3
1607067269 (ISBN13: 9781607067269)
Image Comics
review 1: INSANE. This book is completely insane. I can't explain everything that has happened because I'm still processing it. Take scientific achievement during the last century (Nuclear Weapons, space exploration, etc.), frame them in historical events (WWII, etc.) and then fill in all the blank spots with complete insanity (Mexican Wrestler Finance Czars, Masonic human sacrifice, Psychic Monks, wormhole travel, robots, cyborgs), and sprinkle the whole slurry with Nazis, Russian Cosmonauts, and a serial killer and you have this book. BAG. OF. CATS. I was dizzy when I finished it.
review 2: As good as the first volume, though we retrench somewhat as science consolidates against political power to determine whether the larger extraterrestrial threats are addressed soone
... morer or not at all. Love the parallelism that shows the past returning to haunt the characters' present(s). The battle against AI-FDR was a delight & I loved the prelude to the Oppenheimer Civil War. Einstein continues to improve as a cryptic zen badass. I said it with volume 1, but it bears repeating: they should make movies of this. less
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The delicious twisted goodness continues. Now with aliens and an Illuminati analog.
Super deranged geek fun! Science heroes as freaks and monsters, ... hell YES!
What did I think? Jonathan Hickman is a genius! This book is the shiz!
Things became clearer in this volume.
2 1/2 stars
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