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The Age Of Ice (2013)

by J.M. Sidorova(Favorite Author)
3.03 of 5 Votes: 4
1451692714 (ISBN13: 9781451692716)
review 1: This is a very ambitious first novel by this author. I give it fours stars just for being so creative and combining so many different kinds of literary themes ia a boook that has a tremendous scope. The story combines elements of fantasy, science fiction, romance, science, war, history, adventure that spans multiple coninents across two hundred years. The main character has an immunity to cold and much of the story takes place during extreme cold. This is very intersting at first but the interest is in the anticipation of what lies ahead. I felt that the story gets to be very dry and empathy for the protagonist becomes diminished. The emotional impact dwindles. Some people have said they were frustrated to the point of putting the book down. While I understand that frustra... moretion, I had to find out what happens. If the book had ened with an umremarkable 'plot fade' as so much modern fiction does it would have been a dissapointment. However then end is very redemptive and brings back the greatness from the beginning of the story. If you're thinking about this book, stick with it. It's a challenge but well worth it.
review 2: Alas, my love for Russian literature is as great as my love for mushrooms. I enjoyed Sidorova's wonderful prose, but did not get into the story much at all. I would have wished that this mutant Alexander would have found someone else who was mutant. I have met Russians and they are not interesting people to me but rather sad and morose all the time with a bleak outlook on life. Clearly, I wish I could have finished but I froze less than half way through... less
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Could not get into this book at all and didn't finish. This is rare for me to give up on a book.
Outstanding! I was absolutely mesmerized from start to finish!! When's the Movie? :o)
It seemed too cold and dry to really hold my interest.
Recommend by Ann. (BON)
A bit far-fetched.
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