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The Undivided (2011)

by Jennifer Fallon(Favorite Author)
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Rift Runners
review 1: I really enjoyed this trilogy, and the first one was definitely a hook. I got it for free (sneaky, sneaky marketing strat) and had to immediately buy the next two to find out what happens. I was invested in the characters and had to know how their story turned out, and it went in a direction I wasn't expecting. Very nice! There was a little bit of repetition I could have done without, and some places could have been tightened, but it didn't keep me from enjoying the story. I recommend.
review 2: The overall feel of the story is geared more towards young adults, however I did really enjoy it. The story takes place in an area where the people would speak Gaelic and the author reflected this by using Gaelic words here and there in the characters sentences. Honestl
... morey this was a minor peeve of me because the sentences would otherwise be in perfect business english and then a random word thrown in. Points for effort but the execution was a bit off in my opinion, I would have preferred to see the characters speak completely in a dialect so the Gaelic words would not have stood out so much.Here and there I felt like the detailing on the story was a bit unpolished though.Overall, a very enjoyable read and I am definitely going to get the other books in the series to figure out what's going to happen next.I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads. less
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That was a disturbing turn of events. I'm glad the series is finished, and I can proceed to book 2.
That was different. I like how it has ended and I am intrigued to read the next one.
Fun new series - Jennifer Fallon goes Irish Celtic with a twist...
When is this coming out in North America?
Fantastic read. Unusual but brilliant
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