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Billy's Bones (2013)

by Jamie Fessenden(Favorite Author)
4.08 of 5 Votes: 4
1623809428 (ISBN13: 9781623809423)
Dreamspinner Press
review 1: I commend Fessenden for writing a novel that is very different from the M/M novels that are on the market. This was an interesting story and Kevin's struggle with his repressed memories and Tom's struggle to help him helped turn the pages here. I just found Kevin so bizarre and abrasive at times and his behavior annoyed me. I know he'd been through a lot of trauma in his life, but that didn't excuse him from being such a jerk particularly to people like Tom, Sue, and even Tracy who were trying to help him.
review 2: It's sad to think that stuff like this actually happens to too many kids. I felt so sad as we slowly discovered the truth behind Kevin's memory loss, and how it ended up even worse than what was originally suspected. The relationship between him and
... more Tom was one I enjoyed, particularly in the way that we saw Tom's imperfections and screw-ups as well.I loved their dog, and the quirky way they fell into a pattern with each other. The crisis points felt believable to me, as was Kevin's reluctance to deal with them at first. I wasn't crazy about Tom's partner, and was just as glad we didn't see more of her. Kevin's ex-wife was fairly well fleshed out, as was his mother, though we had only a small taste of her. Overall, I'd give this a 3.5, rounded up for GR. less
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Well written, and an interesting story, but I didn't particularly care about any of the characters.
3.5 stars rounded up.
Very intriguing.
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