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The Man Of My Dreams (2011)

by Gladys Quintal(Favorite Author)
3.62 of 5 Votes: 4
1466415088 (ISBN13: 9781466415089)
The Dream
review 1: This was the first book i had read by this author and although i am not a keen reader, would highly recommend it to anyone. I took it on holiday with me and sat and read it in a few hrs,.the suspense combined with the romance is alluring. Its sexy yet not smutty. Absolutely brilliant. I was so excited to know that i had sense to purchase the sequel and i had it with me so night 2 on holidays and that book was read too.. I cant recommend it enough, hanging out for the next one. Brilliant author and lovely lady.
review 2: There is someone out there, who is killing rapists and murderers, but leaving no trace. And he's killing them before they get the chance to hurt anyone. The police call him The Ghost.--Cassie is going thru a tough time, but all seems well becaus
... moree of this dream man. He only comes to her in her dreams, but he makes her feel safe. So who is to question it? Its not until Cassie herself is in danger, that she realizes The Ghost, and her dream man, are one and the same, or are they? Maybe that is what she wants to believe. This story is SO good. Its a paranormal romance. It does currently need editing, but its in that stage now. For that, I will give it 4.5 of 5 stars. I could NOT STOP reading this. The story flows, and it grabs you and never lets go! I wanted MORE. Never wanted it to end. Can't wait for more from this author!! ♥ less
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actually not half bad. I will be reading the other books to see where this series goes
It was a different twist to the Vampire novels I usually read. It was good.
A vampire that kills criminals
Cute book and good story.
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