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The Tudors: The Complete Story Of England's Most Notorious Dynasty (2010)

by G.J. Meyer(Favorite Author)
4.03 of 5 Votes: 3
0385340761 (ISBN13: 9780385340762)
Delacorte Press
review 1: I knew they were bad -- I just never imagined the scope of their depravity! There was no hesitation to sentencing opponents to death, and there were SO many! Here also is our old friend murder in the name of religion. It seems Jesus and his cohorts have killed many, many more than they've ever saved. I try to respect the religious values of others, but it seems the more history you know, the less that's possible. This book was very, very well written and researched, explaining many questions I had had previously.
review 2: An interesting look at England's most infamous monarchs, although I can't help feeling one of them must have kicked the authors dog or something. The level of dislike Meyer displays for the family is so strong it must be personal....He w
... morerites about how Richard the third must have been terrified by the instability of the monarchy, and goes on about how his (possible) killing of his nephews could have been fully justified by this fear. But when discussing Henry VII, Meyers mentions a man guilty of trying to over throw the King. Although he admits the man was 'technically guilty', he calls his execution 'just another case of Tudor murder'.While I don't think the Tudors were a lovely, kind family, the author often excuses the poor behaviour of others while explaining any bad behaviour by the Tudors as intentionally awful, lazy or selfish. Other than this bizarre bitterness, The Tudors is a very readable and interesting book. less
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Completely changed my view of Elizabeth. Brilliant author!
I appreciate the thoroughness, but it's a bit slanted.
2* from Rebecca
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