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Zeus: King Of The Gods (2010)

by George O'Connor(Favorite Author)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 2
1596436255 (ISBN13: 9781596436251)
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review 1: In this Greek myth based story, Zeus is faced with the challenge of defeating his father Kronos who has swallowed all of his brothers and sisters to avoid them killing him as he had his father. Zeus was hidden by his mother on an island where his father would never find him. He stayed on that island until the day came when he left the island to give his father a drink that made him sick, and out came all of his brothers and sisters full grown. Next comes a long battle, who will win, find out yourself by reading this remastered Greek myth. This Greek myth is in a comic book style shorter story. It has a great amount of action sequences as well as the fact that it leaves you wanting to immedeatly read more and more. A few things that make it what it is might not be of... more your interest. These include being a comic, having a few gross out moments like when Kronos swallows all of his children and when he gets sick and they all come out. I just had to warn you of these so that if you don’t like comics or can’t handle gross out moments that you don’t waste your time or get sick. Other than that, the book was fairly good besides the fact that the color scheme could make it a little hard to see at some times. As mentioned before I thought that the book was good other than the color scheme at some times. The book could potentially help out with our mythology project. I did feel that it was one of my favorite myths besides king Midas, or the Labyrinth. This will definatly satisfy your needs for a good book. I know that I enjoyed it, so why can’t you? If you want to know how all of the gods’ stories began read this book. This book is available in Mrs. Addair’s classroom or in the library closest to you. Now that you know where to pick this book up, why don’ you do it today.
review 2: Greek is the beginning of everything, kind of... More like for gods of the universe who start Greek wars and and have the history of people with powers pretty much. This book was good but not the best because it was just comics with barely any learning material for me to learn from. I recommend this book to people who are Greek lovers and comic lovers because there are a lot of comic descriptions of Greeks. less
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Great way to introduce the gods to younger readers.
Graphic novels have never been my thing....
It is breathtaking!!!!should read!
4W got this book talk first.
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