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Felicità Emotiva (2008)

by Dalai Lama XIV(Favorite Author)
3.98 of 5 Votes: 5
8820048698 (ISBN13: 9788820048693)
Sperling & Kupfer
review 1: This is one of the best things I've read. It was interesting dialogue between two deeply curious people coming from two quite different directions. I had the sense that both wanted to understand the others viewpoint, and bring more richness to their own area of study. I appreciate the western skeptical approach along with His Holiness being willing to take on the traditional cosmology of Tibetan Buddhism. I feel moved and humbled. I think what touched me most was something that goes like, we are hurt by the people closest to us, because of our unrealistic views. The idea being that you are disappointed in your mother because of all the ways she let you down, but where did all those expectations come from? Could she ever have met them?
review 2: Didn't get throu
... moregh the whole book....I usually have a policy about reading through even if I dont like it, but I just couldn't connect with the conversations. Ekman is obviously a very logical thinker and speaks scientifically and the Dalai Lama is a spiritual being speaking from his heart. I may not have read far enough to a point where they meshed these two amazing philosophies because Im sure there's a beautiful way of doing it.....Maybe, I'll pick it up again some day, and then again maybe not :/ less
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I love everything Paul Ekman and Everything Dali Lama, so put the two together and I can't resist.
I enjoyed this book, but it wasn't easy to listen to as an audiobook. There's a lot to digest.
Ekman does most of the talking but what he says is excellent
listening to the audio book
Very good read
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