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Babylon Confidential: A Memoir Of Love, Sex, And Addiction (2012)

by Claudia Christian(Favorite Author)
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1937856062 (ISBN13: 9781937856069)
BenBella Books
review 1: This memoir does focus on certain aspects of Claudia's love life, but more about how she found strength in some, destruction in others, and how one truly set her on the path towards her battle with the disease of alcohol. You won't find too many in-depth secrets about Hollywood in this, so if you are looking for some sort of gossip that goes beyond the tabloids, it's not there. (And I for one appreciate it) The story was heart breaking to read about her battle, but I couldn't put it down, as there was a thread of hope through it all. Claudia was determined through her bouts of binge-drinking, then enforced sobriety, to another more severe bender, to live. Her strength in knowing herself pushed her to seek real help to end the cycle of self-destruct that comes from full-b... morelown addiction. Several detoxes, AA meetings, and therapy were not working, so she sought another method. One that was considered not as well-known in the US, but had shown the highest success in treating the disease called, The Sinclair Method. Instead of abstaining fully from drinking, the method talks about continuing to drink but now introducing a pill that would block the need to binge. The method gave her her first real hope that her "monster" could be leashed. While she has not stopped drinking completely, the method has given Claudia control of her life. She is no longer a slave to the disease. She is her own person again, wiser, and showing those with the same disease real hope.
review 2: Its difficult to know what to say, I don't want to say brilliant read, because its a biography, its about Claudia's life and though ultimately its positive, it goes to some dark places but its thoroughly engrossing, in a soap opera like way. Truth is stranger than fiction, its an old cliche but it fits for this particular life story. Some celebrities claim their biography is salacious and tell all, her biography really is warts and all! less
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Not normally a Hollywood tell all fan. This was a fairly quick read, enjoyable if not inspiring.
Amazing to see someone come through such a difficult battle. So inspiring!
Really fascinating!
Quite a ride.
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