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The Body Electric (2014)

by Beth Revis(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 1
0990662616 (ISBN13: 9780990662617)
Scripturient Books
review 1: I loved Across the Universe and the price was right, so I went for this one. It felt like a bunch of sci if books I'd read before had gone into a blender and spit this out. It wasn't bad, but I got bored. So girl meets boy who warns her she can't trust anyone and sure enough, she can't, not even her own memories. It was a futuristic rabbit hole, but I just didn't care about the characters. Doesn't mean someone else won't enjoy it, especially readers who haven't been fully immersed in ya sci if for the past ten years, but if you have, you can skip this one. Corrupt government using scientific breakthroughs for evil purpose . . . Only the brilliant teens are smart enough to uncover and outwit the vast network of decay. . . Who can you trust . . . Why are all the adults... more so stupid but raise kids who aren't? Language was appropriate and there were sexual references, but nothing graphic. Probably grade 10+.
review 2: This felt like an SF book that came out in the 70s. Which isn't a BAD thing, but it's definitely a throwback to an older style of book. An interesting read though the plot twists were pretty easily guessed if you've read much 'classic' SF. Also there were some big political statements thrown out there as truth but never really examined beyond that. The lack of grey between the black & white sides was disappointing. less
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I really enjoyed this book by Beth Revis... Was needed after the heaviness of the last book!
4.5 stars. We'll see where it will go when I write a full review...
Loved it! Can't wait to share my thoughts on this book!
2.5 stars
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